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About Coin Vedi: Coinvedi is a cryptocurrency and blockchain news websites which is focused on all the latest blockchain news and markets updates from all over the Crypto Globe. Coinvedi also provides the technical analysis of cryptocurrencies like their price analysis , cause of pump and dump and many other things.

Benefits of Getting Published on Coin Vedi:-

  • Build your online reputation
  • Reach your targeted audience
  • Build strong backlinks for your website
  • Be in the eyes of ICO Expert , Advisors &, Blockchain Enthusiasts.
  • Boost your ICO visibility

When should you get published on Coin Vedi:-

  • At the time of Announcement of ICO launching
  • Breaking News announcement about your ICO
  • When you raised funds through your ICO
  • When you got some Achievement through your ICO
  • When you Get Rewarded by an organisation
  • When you are going to attend an event
  • When you are Organising an event

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